Vallonchêne Garden with view of big oak

Vallonchêne Garden

The Vallonchêne Garden is an English-style botanical garden, located in Seine-Maritime (Upper Normandy) between Rouen, Forges-les-Eaux and Neufchâtel-en-Bray, which can be visited by appointment only.

The goal

This garden is attractive in every season, even in winter. You will find unusual plants in a hilly landscape typical for the region, crossed by two small brooks. It is above all a botanical garden, which allows Vallonchêne nursery to

  • grow the mother plants for its production,
  • test new species and varieties in relation to the region and climate change,
  • contribute to the preservation of plant species that are threatened or extinct in their natural habitat and
  • give visitors the opportunity to discover all its wonderful plants during educational and guided tours.

The place

Vallonchêne Garden extends over an area of more than 5 hectares. You will find an extremely varied collection of unusual plants (out of the ordinary). These are rare, even very rare plants, some of which only exist in very small numbers throughout France and Europe. Vallonchêne nursery has set itself the goal, as far as possible, of producing and distributing them in order to help safeguard this botanical heritage.

The beautiful natural landscape of the garden creates varied and extraordinary views of the garden itself and the surrounding Pays de Bray. The two brooks and the waterfall are other great assets of this place. They create animation and bring freshness and melody to this enchanting place.

The plants

We have worked with plants of multiple interests such as foliage, bark, blooms, plant shapes or even scent. They were collected during our travels or by amateurs, botanists, friends and visitors. Hundreds of deciduous and evergreen trees were planted to create scenes, not to mention thousands of shrubs and perennials.

The result is a garden that seems perfectly natural, while having considerably increased the plant variety of this beautiful place. A walk in Vallonchêne Garden should bring joy, carelessness and wonder to the visitor.

The history

We acquired the site in 2004 and had finally completed our research journey of more than two and a half years. The search criteria were clear. Our future garden had to be hilly with the main building at its center and a minimum surface of ​​11 hectares.

At the time of our purchase offer, the farm was so dilapidated that we were unaware of the presence of the streams and the waterfall hidden by the vegetation. It was while clearing that we discovered them.

Except for the large 200-year-old oak tree and a few hornbeams, there were hardly any trees on the property. It was mainly pasture. The buildings were as bad as everything else.

We started by dismantling the four agricultural sheds. It goes without saying that they were messing up the site and the landscape. Then, the valley was restored, since it had been largely filled in. Terraces have been fitted out to make it more practicable. Then we improved the topography of the rest so that we could enjoy the multiple wonderful views that the visitor can enjoy today and create new ones.
Also in 2004, we transformed the small barn into a dwelling to make it the Cottage of Vallonchêne Garden and began the transformation and restoration of the main house.
It took a good fifteen years before the trees grew in size and created the desired effect.

The garden tour

We organize guided only. The visit is made by reservation and lasts approximately 1 hour 30 minutes and must be reserved in advance.
The flat rate is €80 (up to 4 people). The additional person is charged €15.
When you arrive, please report to the reception of Vallonchêne Nursery. You can also park your vehicle there.
Don’t forget to bring appropriate clothing depending on the weather (boots, walking shoes, rain gear…).
Given the configuration of the very hilly site, the visit is unsuitable for people with reduced mobility, wheelchairs and strollers.
Our friends, the animals, are unfortunately not allowed to visit.

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